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RASco Inc.

The History of RASco Inc.

ROMEM Aqua Systems Company, Incorporated (dba RASco, Inc.), was formed in 1991 by Dr. Vincent J. Ciccone and has grown into a multi faceted engineering and design firm.  RASco is the continuation of engineering efforts which began at V.J. Ciccone & Associates in the late 1970’s and are based upon principled engineering concepts developed over the past 4 decades. 

Since that time, RASco has participated in research, design and construction of a variety of engineering based designs. Our clients include the various state and federal government agencies, as well as commercial and private sectors entities. RASco is currently organized into five distinct Operational Divisions.  They include the Engineering Consulting Division (ECD), Technology Services Division (TSD), Equipment Services Division (ESI), Management Services Division (MSD), RASco Craft Beverage Division (RCBD), and Marine Construction Division (MCD).

The Engineering Consulting Division (ECD) consists of engineers and CADD designers dedicated to providing a variety of solutions for our clients with technical and design needs.  Our most recent list of projects includes storm water management, water reclamation, Green Roofs, and water run-off studies. 

The Technology Services Division (TSD) supports the design, programming and installation of automated digital control systems.  Our custom designs provide efficient and effective control technology and assist multi tasked operators in making real time decisions on the quality of the conditions in their facilities.  Additionally, TSD has designed, programmed, and built technically advanced water treatment systems for dialysis treatment facilities, research facilities, and more specifically, Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Point-Of-Use (POU) Systems (to include temporary, mobile and permanent).  

The Equipment Services Division (ESI) is dedicated to servicing highly technical water purification systems utilized in medical and research facilities.  Our team provides the necessary service and preventive maintenance required for long term efficiency and use of these high purity systems.  Our client base includes the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Science and Technology, George Mason University, Quadrangle, Naval Facilities Command, Army Corps of Engineers, and VA Hospitals. 

The Management Services Division (MSD) focuses on Construction Management and Design/Build projects.  Our organizational skills and management style lend itself to maintaining our clients’ needs throughout the job.  We have retrofitted several offices within the DC Metropolitan area, as well as managed jobs at secure raised floor and SCIF facilities around the region.  Our coordination, documentation and implementation of the project facilitate the customer’s desires for accuracy and timely completion.

The Craft Beverage Division designs and supplies high purity water systems used in the brewing, distillery and water bottling industry.  Custom designed systems are provided to meet the needs of these clients using in-house designs and services that exceed water quality available through municipal water providers.  RASco Craft Beverage has assisted breweries in the enhancement of their products through the use of purified source water.


RASco, Inc. is a growing and dynamic   engineering, consulting and design firm. RASco, Inc. has an established track-record and reputation of providing a wide spectrum of environmental, engineering, energy management, alternate energy, AT/FP, equipment fabrication and operation/maintenance support and services for Federal, State and local government agencies and private sector commercial and industrial clients.

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