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Our Services

ENGINEERING & CONSULTING provide World Class Engineering Services to Government and Industry Clients for Storm water, Wastewater and Drinking Water Systems

ECD has a successful history of meeting the multi-discipline engineering and consultant service needs of our varied client base that consists of private corporations, government agencies and US military installations worldwide. Our design and consulting capabilities span Facilities Engineering Services to Environment, Health and Safety Companies and Program Development and include:

  • Facility sustainability, energy auditing, and "Green" Implementation 

  • Asset management and equipment condition-coding 

  • MEP & Fire Protection System design 

  • Water and wastewater treatment system design and optimization 

  • Utility vulnerability assessments & contingency planning 

  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and adherence to Executive Order 13423 

  • Health and Safety Investigations 

  • Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Surveys and Program Management 

  • Environmental Baseline Surveys 

  • Stormwater Management

Our licensed engineers, designers and engineering technicians are experienced and highly skilled professionals who work to provide the most modern, technically feasible and economic solutions of today and tomorrows' challenges. As members of professional organizations such as ASCE, NFPA, AIA, AWWA, SAME, and NDIA, we employ industry state-of-the-art both in their thinking and the design tools and methods used.

ECD specializes in exceeding our clients' expectations through "boots on the ground" site visits and field investigations, fluid interaction across engineering disciplines to ensure that issues are looked at from all angles, and producing innovative and technically sound deliverables.

Engineering & Consulting
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… to provide Design, Implementation and Servicing in standard and customized Building Automation and Management Systems for our customers

With expertise in building technology systems including building Asset Protection Technology, Fuel Cell Emergency Power Systems, Protective Emergency Services Equipment and CBRN Force Protection Systems, RASco can help you meet the needs of today's requirements for an ever vigilant facility infrastructure. Intelligent building design utilizing leading edge technology is how RASco separates ourselves from the basic designer concepts.

Green applications incorporating LEED design knowledge brings both security and efficiency to our clients. Our heritage is based in green thinking with technology being the focus to success.

Asset Protection Systems ranging from Reverse Osmosis for the Emergency Service (ROFES) Health Management Systems to CBRN Active Protection Systems incorporating proactive response to CWA or Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) intrusion.

The technology applied by RASco is designed around proactive sensing elements. These systems allow for critical missions personnel to operate in a safe environment employed in vulnerable areas of operation. Designing applications that notify and direct personnel to safe areas of egress are part of our Integrated Building Technology. Integration of these various technologies, from design concept to final delivery, are capabilities of the RASco Technical Services Division.

Technical Services


RASco Inc. Engineers, Designers, Consultants    

RASco Engineering provides Digital Control System (DCS) experience and knowledge in a wide variety of applications.  From control system design, installation and field commissioning, RASco Engineering can bring the knowledge and capabilities to manage complex critical sequences to the end client or the design firm requiring assistance in control applications. 

Examples of our controls work include Critical Central Utility Plant design services utilizing networked PLC based DCS systems integrated with Direct Digital Control (DDC) HVAC systems on one common platform.  Mission Critical Facility controls for SCIF’s, Data Centers or Communications Centers are areas where RASco Engineering has vast experience utilizing in house Professional Engineers as well as field engineers with over 20 years of digital controls experience.  Our engineers work domestically and internationally to bring our preferred services to the end client.  Application knowledge is our advantage.

Pumping systems, Waste Water Remediation Controls and Mechanical equipment control combined with real time electrical monitoring are all integrated utilizing common platforms. Web based open protocol applications applying today’s industry standard platforms are our key to success.

RASco engineers are based on both coasts in order to provide our services locally.  Providing field technicians for on-site installation, check-out and commissioning are available through RASco Engineering. 

Call us for your Digital Control needs.  Our vast experience gives us the advantage to bring you efficient and tested designs.

Digial Contrl Services


… to provide Construction Management Services to Install and/or Repair commercial grade facilities in the Northern Virginia Area.

RASco delivers the capabilities of providing onsite construction and project management for highly technical systems and facility construction. With experience in managing medical facility construction to classified SCIF sites, RASco's management services personnel are highly trained and experienced to bring success to your program.
With the ability to locate personnel around the nation, RASco has successfully participated in project management for clients construction programs located in downtown cities to remote urban landscapes, including new "Greenfield" programs to retrofit "Brownfield" restoration projects.
With the experience to manage critical facilities during retrofit operations while maintaining operations, RASco's Management Services Division (MSD) has the personnel with the skills. With the specific capabilities in the area of highly technical equipment installations married with the respective field trades performing parallel services, RASco MSD has become a sought after resource.
Our management team comes from the installation side of the business. Because of this they understand all aspects of the delivery system. With previous hands on experience the ability to interact, adapt and overcome the varied situations that exist on complex projects gives RASco MDS personnel the advantage.



… to provide Installation, Repair and perform Preventative Maintenance services in commercial facilities in the areas of Water Purification, HVAC and Electrical Backup Systems for our customers.

RASco-ESI is a highly capable water technology services division. Devoted to the application and services of water purification methods utilizing various technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, ozone absorption, ultraviolet and chemical reactant applications, our experience can bring a resolution to difficult problems.
Utilizing technology that is applicable for commercial, military and home applications, the RASco-ESI technicians are capable of providing full service when it comes to water purification technology. Capable of delivering pure drinking water from existing well water or municipal water sources, RASco-ESI applies proven technologies that make operations and maintenance efficient and economical.
With our proven history of 15 years of successful service capabilities for our clients, RASco-ESI is a preferred resource in the area.

Equipment Servies


… to provide permitting and design services alongside construction of erosion control and recreational marine structures. Colliflower & Peterson, A Division of RASco, Inc. specializes in servicing the Southern Maryland and Eastern Virginia waterways.

Colliflower & Peterson is the newest division of RASco, Inc. Acquired in 2019, Colliflower & Peterson adds a unique form of construction to RASco, Inc's resume, and with it comes 50 years of experience going above and beyond industry standards for erosion control and environmental protection.

Services include permitting for all required governing entities (State, Federal, and County), designs produced by engineers, erosion control measures such as stone revetments and living shorelines, and recreational structures such as piers and boathouses. 

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Marine Construction
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