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The ChemProFXi is a permanently mounted chemical detector for gas and vapor that provides continuous 24 hour 7 day a week protection of fixed infrastructure from the threat of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) & selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC).  It has industry-leading sensitivity and false alarm rejection in the most user friendly and low-maintenance package in its class.

ChemProFXi has especially designed for critical infrastructure protection and environmental monitoring.

• Industry leading sensitivity & false alarm
• Robust design – indoor & outdoor applications
• Simple maintenance – low lifecycle costs
• Continuous use 24/7/365
• Environics EnviScreen compatible
• Easy integration to 3rd party systems
• Extensive and customizable TIC detection

ChemProFXi Brochure (pdf)

EnviScreen CBRN Monitoring


Infrastructure Radiation Detection

RanidProFX provides a high performance tool for radionuclide identification for fixed installations. The device continuously measures, detects and identifies the source of radiation and gives the user clear and simple information from the results. RanidProFX can be also integrated to air handlers and it’s fully compatible with EnviScreen monitoring software.

Let us take the worry out of your AT/FP posture. The tools and knowledge to put you fully in control of you facility are ready to deploy. 

  • High sensitivity

  • Highly sophisticated detection algorithms

  • Very low false alarm rate

  • Automatic energy stabilization – valid data available every time

  • Full reach back capability

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to use expert tool

RanidProFX Brochure

Airport Transit System

Subway Transit System

RanidPort -N & Industrial

RanidPort Solutions are advanced spectrometric radiation portal monitors designed for different types of fixed applications for radiological detection and monitoring. RanidPort –N is designed for indoor applications like airports and critical infrastructure protection and RanidPORT-N Industrial is ideal for rough outdoor applications like harbors.

RanidPort’s high volume Nal(Tl) scintillation detector has rapid detection and identification capability in presence of radioactivity or radioactive material. Neutron detection sensitivity s is increased with integrated neutron booster.

  • Large volume Nal(Tl) gamma detector

  • Neutron detection with high energy gamma radiation

  • Automated operation with optional camera surveillance system

  • Web server based Graphical User Interface

  • MySQL based spectrometric database

  RanidPort -N &Industrial Brochure



ENVI BioScout™ provides a robust and sensitive bioaerosol detection solution that continuously monitors and warns for the presence of harmful airborne biological particles like bacterial, viral, rickettsial agents and toxins and collects air samples for further BWA analysis at the time of a biological alarm. ENVI Bioscout bioaerosol detector is designed to operate as an integral part of fixed or mobile EnviScreen CBRN monitoring systems





  • Selectable application profiles to meet operator requirements in different applications

  • Training & simulation tool for maintain operators competence & situation management skills

  • NATO ATP-45 reporting and AEP-45 procedures for display of CBRN hazard information (Supports NBC1-, NBC3-, NBC4-, CDR and BWR -reporting)

  • Scalable software – meeting specific customer requirements cost effectively

  • Compatible for wide range of CBRN sensors & measurement devices

  •  Integration to 3rd party Command & Control Systems

Environics Monitoring System incorporates sensor integrations, data communications, databases, system services and user interfaces. In the Monitoring System, sensor measurement and event data is collected by a data processing unit called Master Module. Master Module filters and harmonizes protocol specific sensor data in real-time for the EnviScreen Operix 2016 user interface running in the Control Station.

The Enviscreen Operix 2016 is complete software solutions for continuous real time operative CBRN and Environmental situation awareness and guidance. Its technology reaches from single site to full nation-covering monitoring networks. EnviScreen Operix 2016 system software is the solution when people safety and system reliability are number one issues.

The EnviScreen Operix offers also emergency instructions and tools for reporting and hazard area plotting to enable appropriate countermeasures at the time of a suspected threat event. EnviScreen Operix includes software modules for integration to 3rd party systems and system training and simulation.

EnviScreen Operix Brochure



Environics Handheld Products are Distributed by GASES101. 

Please Visit their Website for further information. 


RASco Engineering - Environcs Sales and Support


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